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About us

MRL Tyres (formerly known as Malhotra Rubbers Ltd.) belongs to the Malhotra Group of Industries, founded in 1954 by Late Shri C.L. Malhotra.
Our talented pool of hardworking professionals have helped us refine our operational expertise & enhance our network of associates consistently. The sustained drive to improve standards has constantly fuelled our quest for excellence.

We have strived to remain ahead of the times since 1984, nurturing our existing technology and fusing the old with the new, to deliver results that match global standards and satisfy our customers’ needs.

The mantra of staying ahead in a changing market- focus on intensive research and development initiatives. We achieve this through our dedicated Research and Development team, ‘State of the Art’ automated machines and our unwavering commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Our tyres & tubes are appreciated globally for their competitive pricing and unmatched quality, making us a popular brand choice across 85 countries.

Company Profile

MRL Tyres Ltd. is known for being one of the most dependable and experienced companies in the tyre industry. Headquartered at New Delhi, India, we have 1700 Stock Keeping Units in 85 countries around the world.
Our unwavering passion and innovative practices have established us as a leading manufacturer and exporter of agricultural, industrial and off-road tyres, along with light commercial vehicle tyres and allied materials.
MRL Tyres is a family owned business since 1954 and over the past 62 years, we have enhanced our business to include an exhaustive range of tyres.

We connect with our customer base through three chief brands:

Our diverse product range includes:


  • Farm Radial Drive Wheel
  • Farm Bias Drive Wheel
  • Farm Tractor Front – F2
  • Farm Implements and Trailers
  • Traction Implements and Flotation Traction Tyres
  • Golf Cart Tyres
  • Agro-Forestry
  • ADV


  • Graders Tyres G-2
  • Industrial Tractor Tyres – F3
  • Forklift Tyres- Wide Wall
  • Earthmover Tyres E3-L3
  • Multi-Purpose Truck Tyres- MPT
  • ATU
  • Skid Steers Tyres L2


  • Light Truck Tyres
  • Ultra-Light Truck Tyres
  • Radial Light Truck Tyres
  • Three-Wheeler Tyres
  • Motor Bike Tyres



To become a significant player in the global tyre industry and a brand of choice for our customers.


Our purpose is to deliver superior value to our customers through lowest total cost of ownership. We aim to achieve this with focus on innovation, technology and cost efficient manufacturing.

Our Team

Our Marketing, Purchase, Financial and Technical personnel are the foundation of our success. Empowered with a talented pool of
hardworking professionals, we have refined our operational expertise & enhanced our network of associates on a consistent basis. This
sustained drive to improve standards has constantly fuelled our quest for excellence.